Dr. David Gilliland
The New Heart, The New Covenant, and Not So New Controversies
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Dr. Tom Nettles
Spurgeon's Christ-Centered Preaching
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Dr. Tony Costa
The Role of Christian Apologetics and the Missing Link in the Christian Witness
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Greg Van Court
The Old Testament in the Transfiguration
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Zachary S. Maxcey (M.Div.)
The Feasts of Israel: Shadows of Christ and the New Covenant
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Dr. Tom Nettles
Roger Williams on the New Covenant
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Dr. Joe Kelley
All Israel Will Be Saved
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Blake White
The Abrahamic Covenant in the Epistle to the Galatians
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Dr. Frank Gumerlock
The 144000 in Early Christian Thought
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Dr. Tom Nettles
J.P. Boyce on Christ and the Old Testament
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Pastor W. W. Sasser
The Biblical Constituents of Grace
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Pastor Gary George
Is Being a Predestinarian and Evangelistic an Oxymoron
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Dr. Gary D. Long
How New Covenant Theology Differs from Covenant Theology over
Covenant Theology's Understanding of the Covenant of Grace

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