Online Faculty

Below are listed all the current Online Faculty members for Providence Theological Seminary. Missions courses will be taught by resident faculty augmented by adjunct and guest faculty having extensive field experience in missions/evangelism/apologetics/world religions.

Providence Theological Seminary
Dr. Gary D. Long
University of Missouri at Columbia, B.S., 1959
University of Missouri at Columbia, Graduate Studies in Economics, 1963-1964
Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1969; Th.D. 1972
Church planter while in military service, 1972-1982
Executive Director, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Texas, 1979-2009
U.S. Army Field Artillery (Colonel Retired, 1989)
Author of a number of sovereign grace articles and published books, including:
Definite Atonement; The Doctrine of Salvation; Biblical Law and Ethics: Absolute and Covenantal; Context!
Evangelical Views on the Millennium Examined. Wrote an introductory preface and republished the 1646 edition
of the First London Baptist Confession of Faith with an Appendix by Benjamin Cox also first published in 1646
President of the Faculty; Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Directors; Professor of Biblical,
Systematic and Historical Theology
Providence Theological Seminary
Dr. Frank Gumerlock
Montclair State University, B.A. 1984
University of Colorado, completed coursework in Latin, 1992-1995
New Geneva Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, completed coursework in New Testament Greek, 1998
Saint Louis University, M.A., 2001; Graduate Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2003
Saint Louis University, Ph.D., 2005
18 years experience teaching Bible, theology, history and Latin
Author of several journal articles dealing with writings of Medieval and Renaissance Church Fathers on predestination and eschatology

Professor of Historical, Biblical and Systematic Theology

Dr. Joe W. Kelley
Hardin-Simmons University, B.A. 1973
Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M. 1978
University of Central Texas, M.S., 1992
Pastor, Killeen Bible Church, Killeen Texas, 1978-2008
Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC, D.Min., 2010
Extensively involved in missionary work in India

Professor of NT Literature and Exegesis, Biblical and Systematic Theology; Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Directors
Dr. Tony Costa
University of Toronto, B.A. (1999; M.A. (2003)
Radboud University in the Netherlands, Ph.D. (2012)
Pastor, Milliken Chinese Community Church, Toronto Canada, 2001-2005
Adjunct Professor, Toronto Baptist Seminary, 2006-Present
Professor, Fyfe Study Centre, Sarnia, Canada, 2009-Present
Adjunct Professor, Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, Canada 2013-Present
Professor of Old Testament Literature & Exegesis, Systematic Theology and Christian Apologetics
Dr. Jeff Gwinn
Weber State University, B.S. (1980)
Talbot Theological Seminary, M.Div. (1986)
The Masterís Seminary, D.Min. (2011)
Professor, Logos Bible Institute, Sun Valley, CA (1984-1987)
Adjunct Professor, The Masterís College (1985-1987)
Pastoral Staff, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA (1984-1987)
Pastor, Cornerstone Bible Church, Miami, FL (1987-1998)
Pastor, Highland Bible Church, Woodland Park, CO (2002-Present)

Professor of Biblical and Pastoral Theology

Pastor Greg Van Court
Southwestern University, B.A. 1992
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div. 2008
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ph.D. candidate 2013
Pastor, Dayspring Fellowship, Austin, TX, February 2012-Present
Professor of NT Greek Literature and Exegesis and Biblical Theology
Providence Theological Seminary
Providence Theological Seminary
Providence Theological Seminary
Providence Theological Seminary
Zachary S. Maxcey
United States Military Academy, B.S. 2004
U.S. Army Infantry Officer, 2004-2011
Providence Theological Seminary, M.Div. 2012
Breckbill Bible College, Ph.D. candidate 2020
PTS Social Media Administrator &
Editor of the Providence Theological Seminary Journal
(PTSJ), 2014-
Instructor of Biblical, Systematic and Historical Theology, 2015-
Providence Theological Seminary
Providence Theological Seminary
Dr. Joshua M. Greever
Oklahoma Baptist University (B.A. 2005)
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., 2009; Ph.D., 2014)
Pastor, Pleasant Home Baptist Church, Prague, OK (2004-2006)
Instructor of Elementary Greek, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY (2012-2014)
Adjunct Professor, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA (2014-Present)
Book Review Editor in Biblical Studies, Credo Magazine (2012-Present)
Professor of NT Literature and Exegesis, 2015
Providence Theological Seminary
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